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Gel Earthing Electrodes
Earthing and grounding has become an everyday term and a very common practice in electrical construction and operation. Not only is that, the provision of earthing to electrical installation of suppliers and of all utilities made mandatory. The wide spread use of electricity in everyday life of every man for industrialization of necessitated public awareness in respect of types of installations small or big, in area of city or in rural, belonging to supplier of users etc

JK Gel Earthing Electrodes

In JK Gel Earthing Electrodes we are using Dual Pipe System technology having a compartment of outer shell, inner shell with the terminal on the top, fabricated in high quality MS material and subsequent hot dip galvanization to maximum of 80-100 microns in outer shell and 250-300 microns in the inner shell to strengthen the flow/ dissipation of fault/ static current to its maximum safetyness. Here water is poured around the Earthing Electrode not inside the electrode as is done in conventional Pipe Earthing.

We are a specialized in earthing system. JK Gel Earthing Electrodes is essential and important for the safety human lives and equipment. Hence, after consistent research and development we have developed an efficient earthing technology. We offer our services to various government agencies and small, large business enterprises.

Maintenance Free JK Gel Earthing Electrodes by utilizing metal alloys and natural chemical compositions, the Gel Earthing Electrodes is able to provide a multifaceted proactive earthing protection strategy. The Earthing Electrode is manufactured from custom-made MS tube to ensure maximum conductivity and prolonged service life. The Gel Earthing Electrodes contains a conductor rich crystalline mixture that will protect the main earth electord in the soil. This will ensure a highly conductive state for the fault current to pass on to earth.

Earthing is very important area of electrical engineering maintenance. In most cases it fails due to corrosion of the pipe. Therefore Earthing Electrode can be used for effective earthing, which will ensure safety to human life, appliances, machines, equipment's etc., Earthing is absolutely essential and it is mandatory by various electrical department.

Technical Data Sheets For View and Download:-
Technical Introduction of J K Earthing.pdf
Technical specifications of Maintenance Free Chemical Gel Earthing.pdf

Gel Earthing Electrodes & Grounding Systems
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Reslow Grounding Minerals

J K EARTHING ELECTRODES has also introduced an illustrious compound called as “Reslow Grounding Minerals” which will be used around the earth electrodes at the time of installation. Reslow grounding minerals is a combination of graphite, natural earth minerals, etc which is of hygroscopic property to retain the moisture for a long time. During installation with proper water pouring, the Reslow grounding minerals will convert into the gel formation and its quality to retain the moisture upto twenty times its dry volume as well as it create a gel layer surrounding of our electrode. Reslow grounding minerals is a combination of totally corrosion free and highly conductive & non-corrosive minerals. "Reslow Grounding Minerals" maintains the moisture surrounding the "CHEMRODE", which helps to create the balance & consistence ohmic value within the safe limit without any fluctuation of results, as a safeguard of equipment. As well as its layer works as a highly conductive path to pass the fault current, noise filtrations, resolve the problem of earth to neutral voltage difference and supported to active/ passive lightning protection device too. It also helps to give the life to our "CHEMRODE" through its layer between electrode & direct soil, so minimize the chances of corrosion.

Gel Earthing Electrodes & Grounding Systems
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Copper Bonded Electrodes

Copper bond earth rods are the ideal driven earth electrodes, as they offer the installer an economical and efficient earth rod grounding system. pure electrolyte copper is uniformly molecularly bonded into a high tensile steel core to a minimum thickness of 0.254 mm, thus ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and eliminating electrolytic action. Coupling threads are formed by a rolling process to ensure thread strength and to maintain the integrity of the molecularly bonded copper.

Copper Bonded Earth Rod System

The Copper Bonded Earth Rod System includes certain accessories along with rod like.

Driving Stud : are made of steel and is ideal for use along with power hammers.

Coupling: are made of copper alloy & counter bored to enclose threads. These exhibit strength & also highly corrosion resistance. These are used to connect driving stud to rod or rod to rod.

Rod : is primarily made of low carbon that gives it a high tensile strength of 600 N/mm2. These rods are molecularly bonded with 99.9 % pure electrolytic copper up to thickness of 0.25mm, Rolled threads at each end gives strength than cut threads.

Clamp: Our clamps have high copper alloy content that provides strong resistance against corrosion.

Gel Earthing Electrodes & Grounding Systems
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Earth Pit Cover

Heavy Duty Earth Pit Cover with Locking arrangement

At Top :- 0D 240mm, ID 222mm
At Bottom :- OD 320mm, ID 290mm
Height :- 245mm, Wall Thickness :- 5 mm

Manufactured from light weight polymer.
Withstands over 3 tones.
Lockable along with screw.

Technical Data Sheets For View and Download:-
Earth pit cover.pdf

Gel Earthing Electrodes & Grounding Systems
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Copper Earthing Electrode

Earthing plays a very important role in all electrical systems. The correctly designed and installed earthing system i.e. earthing rods or grounding rods will safeguard both lives & equipment. A Good Copper Earthing Electrodes have following benefits:

  • Ability to carry high currents repeatedly.
  • Low electrical resistance to earth.
  • Good Corrosion resistance.
  • A reliable life of at least 30 years.

Soil Conditions

Getting a good soil condition entirely depends on the local soil features. The most demanding variety of soil is that it should have resistivity. The factors that affect soil resistivity are the following.

  • Temperature of the soil.
  • Chemical composition of the soil e.g. Salt content.
  • Moisture content of the soil
  • Soil Conditions

The resistivity of the soil depends on the moisture content of the soil thus moisture content decreases the soil resistivity. Similarly, increase in the salt content reduces the resistivity, while reduction in temperature of the soil increases the resistivity.

Selection of the Correct Earth Electrodes

Survey have revealed that there is lower resistivity at greater depths. This situation is some meters below the surface. Earth Rod Electrodes are the most economical way of reaching such depths. At times deep driving is not possible because of rocks, underneath, parallel driven shorter rods, plates, mates or buried conductors or a combination of three can be used.

Earth Rod Electrodes

Earth rods are commonly made from solid copper or stainless steel with copper bonding. Copper Bonded Earthing Rods or Copper Bonded Grounding Rods are commonly used due to strength, corrosion resistance and comparatively low cost. Earth Rod.

GI (Galvanize Iron) Earthing Electrode

GI Earthing Electrode provide a low-impedance ground in locations of high soil resistivity. Together with Reslow Grounding Minerals, the system dissipates lightning energy and other dangerous electrical fault currents, even in sandy or rocky soil conditions.

Advantages & Benefits:

Maintenance-Free : This is maintenance free earthing., no need of extra water pouring at regular interval as in conventional earthing, because it retains the moisture.

Consistency : Continuously maintains the same (approx) earth resistance value over time regardless of soil and climate conditions. Unlike a standard copper plate/rod, the stability of the Safe Earthing Electrode will remain constant over the life span of the plate/rod, and the resistance of the electrode is less affected by adverse climatic conditions.

More Surface Area : The conductive compound creates a conductive zone, which provides the increased surface are for peak current dissipation and also get stable reference point. 

  • Adequate galvanization, Highly conductive.
  • No corrosion, eco-friendly.
  • A long and reliable life (Fit and Forget).
  • Easy Installation : Can be installed indoors or outdoors and in almost all soil condition. For existing or new facilities, requires less space and time.


  1. Telecommunication Towers & Microwave Antennas 
  2. Transmission & DistributionSystems 
  3. Substations & PowerGenerators 
  4. Transformer Neutral Earthing 
  5. Lightning Arrestor - Earthing 
  6. Equipment Body Earthing 
  7. Computer & Data ProcessingCenters 
  8. Manufacturing Facilities & Refineries 
  9. Food Processing & Water TreatmentPlants 
  10. Oil Refineries & PumpStations 
  11. Remote & Central Office DigitalSwitches 
  12. Heavy Industries 
  13. Residential Buildings 
  14. Others, where hi-tech earthing isrequired 


LPI (Australia) - ESE Air Terminal

Lightning is a product of electrically charged storm clouds. The charged clouds induce an opposite charge (ground charge) on the surface of the earth beneath it as they travel through the atmosphere. When the ground charge reaches a structure, the cloud charge pulls it up onto the structure, concentrating the ground charge on and around it. I the ground charge build to a level exceeding the dielectric (insulation resistance) of the intervening air, an arc or lightning strike will occur. The process begins with stepped leaders branching down from the clouds. When they come within close proximity to the ground, approximately 500 feet, the electric field intensity at ground level becomes so strong that objects and structures begin to break down electronically, shooting steamers up toward the stepped leaders. When a streamer and a stepped leader connect, a path is created for a lightning strike.

The phenomenology of lightning strikes to earth, as presently understood, follows an approximate behavior:

  1. The downward Leaders from a thundercloud pulse towards earth seeking out active electrical ground targets.
  2. Ground-based objects (fences, trees, blades of grass, corners of buildings, Towers, lightning rods,  etc. ),emit varying degrees of electric activity during this event. Upward Streamers are launched from some of these objects. A few tens of meters off the ground, a “collection Zone” is established according to the intensified local electrical field.
  3. Some Leader(s) likely will connect with some Structure(s). Then the “switch” is closed and the current flows, we see lightning.

Lightning effects can be direct and/or indirect. Direct effects are from resistive (ohmic) heating, arcing and burning. Indirect effects are more probable. They include capacitive, inductive and magnetic behavior. To protect the structures or Telecommunication towers against lightning a lightning protection system is needed which collects the lightning energy and discharge the lightning currents to the earth through down conductors.

Technical Data Sheets For View and Download:-
Technical Introduction of J K Earthing.pdf
Technical specifications of Maintenance Free Chemical Gel Earthing.pdf

Gel Earthing Electrodes & Grounding Systems
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Polyamide Rigid Flexible Conduit

We provide all kind of Polyamide Rigid Flexible Conduit.

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Heavy Duty Multipin Connectors

We provide all kind of Heavy Duty Multipin Eonnectors and provide complite industrial solution.

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